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​Current scientific research is revealing how Gratitude benefits our overall wellness. Our expert speakers will share how Gratitude can influence our lives in 5 main areas: ​Self, Family, Relationships, Home and Work.

Meet the Speakers

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November 1, 2019  

What you'll learn
How our emotions impact our physiology, from panic to gratitude.

Gratitude's role in shifting our mindset (and burnout!).

The connection between our potential and our point of view.
What you'll learn
Gratitude's ability to bring us into this moment and teach us that this is the greatest moment you & I have ever lived.

How gratitude can move us toward living fully.

​Gratitude as the potent ingredient in carpe diem.
What you'll learn
How gratitude is a cornerstone for Ubuntu, a transformative African philosophy and practice that speaks to the essence of being human.

What is at the heart of "I am because WE are".

How gratitude and Ubuntu influence our interconnected, multicultural world.

What you'll learn
How gratitude effects our      physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health.

How cultivating a gratitude practice can impact our health.

Understanding the relationships between mindfulness and gratitude.
What you'll learn
The healing power of gratitude within ourselves and our families.

How gratitude both sustains and motivates us to overcome and achieve.

​Gratitude as an expression of love & understanding.
What you'll learn
Benefits of incorporating gratitude practices into life.

How to give thanks "in advance" and bring forth more good.

What giving thanks even for challenges can help us accomplish.
What you'll learn
How gratitude brings back hope in living.

Understanding purpose with intentional gratitude.

How gratitude sharpens our focus on each 'now' moment.
What you'll learn
How gratitude serves as a gateway to clarity, purpose and meaning in our lives.

Using gratitude to navigate through grief & depression.

​Gratitude's power to create deeper & more loving relationships with our Self and Body.
What you'll learn
How to get physically, financially & spiritually fit.

How gratitude can help you take your job & love it, not shove it.

​How mentoring others can help build your gratitude muscle.
What you'll learn
How to view money & resources through gratitude.

Why a gratitude practice is an important anchor for eternal presence.

How gratitude transforms the individual & our communities.

November 2, 2019  

What you'll learn
How to cultivate an attitude of gratitude in the workplace.

What impact does "lead by example" have on your group/community?

How does being grateful change your work experience?
What you'll learn
How a 30 day experiment in shameless gratitude can unleash radical happiness & unabashed joy!

The scientific recipe created by grit & gratitude.

​Making radical life changes to create Amazing Awesomeness in two steps every day.
What you'll learn
How starting your day in appreciation creates a powerful momentum for calling in more good in all aspects of your life.

Tips and techniques that everyone can incorporate into their daily practice.

How gratitude amplifies leadership.
What you'll learn
How to celebrate & harness diversity in our marriages & families.

How gratitude helps increase our awareness & builds trusting relationships.

How moving from a framework of difference to similarity strengthens our networks.
What you'll learn
How gratitude helps us have open & honest conversations about death & dying.

Why we need to transform the way people die in America.

​How gratitude can help us be fully present to death & dying.
What you'll learn
How gratitude affects my Prosperity, i.e. the hidden determinants of wealth accumulation.

Being able to answer the questions: What's important to me and how do I get the great feelings I want regarding my finances?

Iconic financial tools to enhance both gratitude and prosperity.
What you'll learn
How mood & gratitude affect the brain.

How "reframing" with gratitude impacts our brain's health & happiness.

Gratitude's influence on mental clarity.
What you'll learn
The meaning & role of gratitude in the context of teaching & learning.

How gratitude can be maintained in busy & stressful educational environments.

How to express deep gratitude in meaningful & authentic ways.
What you'll learn
How to cultivate an attitude of gratitude in the workplace.

What impact does "lead by example" have on your group/community?

How does being grateful change your work experience?
What you'll learn
Exploring the essence of gratitude, from Self to Society.

Why gratitude is a global focus, one Grateful Day at a time.

​How communities connect through Gratefulness Groups.

November 3, 2019  

What you'll learn
How gratitude opens our hearts and empowers us to live our limitless potential.

How gratitude enhances our ability to be in healthy relationships.

Why an open-hearted state is essential for healing our selves, homes, and communities.
What you'll learn
How "witnessing" your loved one's challenging emotions impacts trust & intimacy.

How expressions of gratitude build your emotional bank accounts.

​Gratitude as a tool in strained family relationships.
What you'll learn
Why teaching gratitude to teens is more important than ever.

How practicing gratitude is possible for any discipline and any curriculum.

​Opportunities for adults to model authentic gratitude to youth.
What you'll learn
The importance of surrender to what is.

How expressing or storing your emotions impacts your wholeness.

The energy of gratitude can heal.
What you'll learn
Discover gratitude practices that reduce stress.

Implement gratitude strategies (Grategies) to strengthen your relationships.

​How to keep your best employees from becoming someone else's.
What you'll learn
Understand the science of the Mind-Body connection and how our thoughts & emotions trigger physical responses.

How gratitude reverses the effects of stress "wholistically."

Why gratitude is an essential component of a mindfulness practice in Integrative & Ayurvedic medicines.
What you'll learn
How gratitude can improve resiliency of cancer patients.

How gratitude can increase responsiveness of cancer cells to therapy.

​Using gratitude to combat most common symptoms of cancer: fatigue, depression, pain, insomnia & deconditioning.
What you'll learn
How gratitude can change the way we engage with leadership

What we can learn from the social lives of horses

How gratitude supports a service mindset

What you'll learn
How to amplify your gratitude by sharing it in community.

How gratitude can transform your life.

Gratitude's ability to lift depression and heal anxiety.
What you'll learn
To become aware of the old negative soundtrack that's been playing for years, & how to replace it.

Analog to digital - time to update with a new thought playlist!

​To use gratitude as your North Star, & how to reset your inner GPS (God Planned Serenity).
What you'll learn
Psychoneuroimmunology: thoughts & feelings shape brain and body chemistry.

The second brain: how our gut listens & speaks.

Inner multitudes: feeding the microbes that sustain our wellness.

Testimonials from our 2018 Summit

"I am so excited about these ideas and grateful to have the opportunity to learn more!" - Marilyn L
"This program has been eye-opening for me, I am keeping a journal on gratitude, maintaining positive thoughts, being mindful, and I am seeing a difference in my energy level, and how people respond to me. Thank you so much for making all these speakers available to us" - Maria R. 
I highly recommend it! This summit provided days of mentoring, education, & inspiration which is priceless & FREE to all!" - Sallie Key
"The gratitude summit has been an amazing experience that has far exceeded my expectations.  The quality of the speakers has educated and inspired me to work on gratitude daily.  It has been a spectacular event!" - Carla J.
"The speakers are terrific. The hosts are not just skilled, they are precious! I love that I can stop the videos and make notes asI go along!" - Linda F.
"I just finished listening to the 1st day and it was wonderful. I  sent it to my friends as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Dalla Johnson
"I have started my morning gratitude journal again because of the Global Gratitude Summit. It's fun and it's all because of YOU Sharon and Louanne!" - Carol H.

Quotes of Gratitude

"If the only prayer you said was THANK YOU, that would be enough." - Meister Eckhart
"Science is now revealing what we've intuitively known for centuries: Gratitude can change your health, your experiences, your work, your love, your friendships, your LIFE!" - Louanne Saraga Walters
"Being grateful all the time isn’t easy. But it’s when you least feel thankful that you are most in need of what gratitude can give you: perspective. Gratitude can transform any situation. It alters your vibration, moving you from negative energy to positive. It’s the quickest, easiest most powerful way to effect change in your life — this I know for sure." - Oprah​

Meet Your Hosts

Louanne Saraga Walters, MS HNFM 

With over 34 years in communications, tourism, finance, and the nonprofit industry, Louanne has served as a TV news reporter/anchor, cruise director, financial advisor, nonprofit consultant and inspirational speaker. She has coached and mentored thousands of people in diverse areas: nutrition and health, self awareness and spirituality, social media, and communications/video production. She is a co-creator of The 28 Day Gratitude Workout™.
​Louanne received her BA in Mass Communications with a double major in Political Science from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and her MS in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. Louanne is co-founder of WellnessME.Life, a division of My Video Voice Productions, Inc. The common thread amongst her life's work is to help others recognize and embrace their own power within, toward living more fulfilling and healthier lives.

Sharon Saraga Walters, BS AHS

Sharon has over 35 years experience operating and promoting her own businesses in health and wellness. She is the creator of Sharon it Forward Today and Graticise 365 on Facebook, and is a lifetime student and practitioner of Gratitude, with a passion for Sharing all good things. She's the lead creator of The 28 Day Gratitude Workout™, online course, book and workshop; creator of Graticise™365 and the Grati-Fit™ System; and author of her latest book, "Thursday's Note". Sharon began her personal growth and awareness journey in 1989. She received her BS in Allied Health Services from the University of North Florida, and spent eight years as a Personal Fitness Trainer and owner of One to One Fitness. She has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for nearly 30 years. Sharon is a co-founder of WellnessME.Life, a division of My Video Voice Productions, Inc. 

Our expert speakers are healthcare professionals, wellness experts, business & community leaders, educators, artists and spiritual thought leaders with professional and personal experience spanning decades and wrapping around the globe!

SELF explores Gratitude's impact on our physical, mental and emotional health through topics such as Weight Loss, Self-Love, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Self-Confidence, Hormones, Brain Health, Mental Health, Cancer, and more!

FAMILY explores how a shared Gratitude practice can strengthen marriages, mend strained connections, and open communication!​

RELATIONSHIPS reveals insight into Gratitude's magnetic effect in how we relate personally, in groups and in community settings!

HOME explores Gratitude's effect in our safe spaces, our homes, our schools, our neighborhoods and our interactions with our neighbors!

WORK reveals how Gratitude as a practice can influence how we feel about our jobs, our co-workers, and our life purpose, while offering clarity to why we chose this work!​

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